The Whyos

Reprints, sometimes with annotations, about New York’s legendary post-Civil War Irish street gang, The Whyos.


  • April 16,  New York Tribune — A Whyo gang leader, under arrest, attempts suicide by leaping through a high window.
  • August 18: New York Tribune — The Whyos enjoys some music at a political rally in Paradise Square.
  • September 21, New York Herald — When a Whyo orders you out of the way, man, you had better go.
  • November 4, 1885, New York Times — A political campaigner finds himself at the mercy of the Whyos, an iron bar, and a beating in a pharmacy.


  • June 29, New York Tribune — A father, worried about his Whyo son, is rewarded with bullets and a beating.
  • July 18, New York Herald –Neighbors, one a Whyo, get into a street fight that results in a bullet to he back of the head.
  • September 28, New York Tribune — Whyo leader Danny Driscoll is accused of having murdered his mistress Bezie Garrity.
  • September 29, New York Herald — The start of the trial of Danny Driscoll, and the circumstances of the murder.
  • September 29, New York Sun — The Sun offers details about Danny Driscoll’s attempted jailbreak, and the first day of testimony in his murder trial.
  • September 30, New York Tribune — The murdered woman’s mother offers damning tetimony against Danny Driscoll.
  • September 30, New York Herald — More of the mother’s testimony; Danny Driscoll gets impudent.
  • October 9, New York Herald –Danny Driscoll keeps his cool as he is sentenced to hang.
  • October 23, New York Times — A Whyo demonstrates that a gun is a solution for a political quarrel.
  • December 25, New York Tribune — Whyos frolic and prank the Cotton Exhange, tearing up the place and destroying silk hats.


  • February 10, New York Sun — Somebody is sneaking things to Danny Driscoll in jail. Whiskey, a file, and a hairpin that could have been deadly.
  • August 4, New York Sun — A coroner’s inquest gets an unexpected visit from a group of Whyos.