Mose the Fireboy

Frank Chanfrau as Mose

Frank Chanfrau as Mose

Mose Humphreys, The Inspiration
The story of a Bowery B’hoy, volunteer fireman, and printer who inspired one of the most popular characters in the Victorian era.

Frank Chanfrau, the Actor
A look at the life of Frank Chanfrau, the actor who popularized Mose the Fireboy.

The Playwright, Benjamin Baker
A brief biography of the author of “A Glance at New York” and other Mose plays.

A Glance at New York, The Script
A summary of the plot, with commentary.

The Slang of Glance at New York
A dictionary of Bowery B’Hoys phrases used in the most famous Mose the Fireboy play.

Glance at New York’s opening night, two views
Two published stories about the opening of the most famous Mose the Fireboy play.

Other Mose plays
A list of later plays featuring Frank Chanfrau as Mose.

The Imitators
A look at the various books and plays that lifted the Mose character for their own purposes.

The fashion of Mose
How to dress like the fireboy.

Ned Buntline and the Dime Novels
Mose becomes a character in the lurid fiction of one of America’s most famous dime novelists.

Mose in Song
The fireboy becomes a character in New York’s mammoth sheet music industry.

Walt Whitman
A brief look at how the American poet was influenced by the Bowery B’Hoys, and his own references to Mose.

Herbert Asbury
The popular crime author tells of Mose in “Gangs of New York,” and Mose becomes bigger in the telling.

The Modern Era
Mose enjoys a brief period as a tall tale, and then returns to his origins with a production of “A Glance at New York.”