Irish Ghosts of America

The Rocking Chair of James McGloin, Texas
A Texas town, built for Irish immigrants, that is more haunted than any town really needs to be.

The Irish Body in Cheesman Park
A former cemetery in Denver inspired a classic horror movie and hides a strange past.

Ghost of the railroad bridge, Indiana
A story of an Irish worker trapped in cement offers a look at brutal labor conditions in the 19th century.

Givins Castle, Chicago
A mansion in Chicago inspired by an Irish castle is home to numerous strange sightings.

The ghost of Maid Molly, Forepaugh’s, St. Paul
A rumored affair that ended in double suicide leaves a spectral presence behind in a St. Paul restaurant.

George M. Cohan, Times Square, New York
An old theater is said to be home to the ghost of one of America’s great Irish song and dance men.

Billy the Kid, New Mexico
The legendary outlaw, said to still haunt his grave and prison, brings back echoes of ancient Irish history.

John Berryman, the poet on the bridge, Minneapolis
The story of the suicide of an Irish-American writer and the ghost stories that followed.

Haunted bricks from the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, Chicago
An Irish gang is shot against a warehouse wall, and the wall goes on to have a strange future.

Fatty Walsh, Coral Gables, Florida
An Irish gangster meets his end in a Florida hotel, and never leaves.

The Molly Maguires, Pennsylvania
A secret Irish group, a mine, a series of executions, and a handprint that won’t wash away.

The murderess Delphine LaLaurie, New Orleans
An awful story of a sadistic slave owner, and the screams that remain after a fire.

Ghosts of Ellis Island, New York
The point of arrival for many of America’s Irish is home to a few ghosts of its own.

Oatie the Ghost, Oatman Hotel, Arizona
Sometimes, when you tell one strange story, you end up ignoring a stranger one that happens to be true.

Irish girl at Landmark Tavern, Hell’s Kitchen, New York
They say once you have lived in Hell’s Kitchen you never leave.

The slaughter at Bloody Lane, Sharpsburg, MD
Strange sounds at a Civil War monument recall the Irish soldiers who died there.

Duffy’s Cut, Philadelphia
Ghost stories along a railway reveal a real tragedy that was lost to history.

Ghost of an Irish laborer, Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, AZ
They say he fell off a roof, but how do they know?