Whyos: September 7, 1884

(New York Herald, September 7, 1884)

The notorious “Whyo” gang is now represented nearly every day in the city police courts. It is a club of young “toughs”  on the east side, and derives its name from the unearthly yell with which they call or warn each other. The cry sounds something like “Why-o!”

Yesterday two of them, Peter Reilly, alias Monck, of No. 44 Oak Street, seventeen years old, and Peter Fay, of No. 60 Mott Street, eighteen years old, were arrested by detectives on a charge of picking pockets at Fourteenth street and Eighth avenue during the fireman’s parade. They were locked up in the Tombs.

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Max Sparber

Max Sparber is a playwright, journalist, and history detective in Omaha, Nebraska.