Whyos: October 11, 1884

A paragraph from a Sun article giving a direct quote from an arrestee who the police were convinced was a Whyo and who was equally adamant that he wasn’t:

“It may be particularly funny for the police to say we belong to the Whyo Gang. We don’t belong to no gang. We’re light on the feet once in a while, and we go where we’ll be let in. It isn’t up to Fifth avenue we’d go of an evening to dance. That’s for swell fellows, with good clothes and diamonds. We’re not pickpockets, or cutthroats either. Do we look like thieves?” Where’s our good clothes and diamonds? Everybody that hasn’t a genteel look and wears shabby clothing is in a gang now. Let me say to you we are not Whyos.”

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Max Sparber

Max Sparber is a playwright, journalist, and history detective in Omaha, Nebraska.